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ACB JJ 14 results and full video replay - Lepri wins title, Miyao defends his belt

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Lucas Lepri defeated Davi Ramos in the ACB JJ 14 main event for the light welterweight title.

ACBJJ 14 featured many prominent grapplers and fighters from MMA promotions.
Absolute Championship Berkut

Absolute Championship Berkut continues to put on exceptional showcases of gi and no-gi competitive grappling action. ACB JJ 14 featured twenty-one matches with some of the more prominent names in the sport; regardless of promotion or rule set. At the end of the day it would be Joao Miyao and Lucas Lepri that would walk out of the event with title belts around their waist.

Lepri’s victory allowed him to secure the light welterweight title as he defeated Ramos on points in what was a highly anticipated match.

Coming into this bout was 3-2 under the ACBJJ banner and recently snatched the title away from Edwin Najmi back at ACBJJ 11. Lepri and Ramos came into this match with some history as Ramos is the only individual to ever submit Lepri in a match that occurred back in 2015 at ADCC.

Not only are Lepri and Ramos highly technical on the ground, but both men were looking to control the positioning through the takedown game. The early pace of the match was very slow as each man attempted to create some space to look for an important takedown. Ramos and Lepri both attempted to pull guard but to no avail. The first major moment came in the second round when Ramos nearly passed Lepri during a scramble when Lepri pulled guard. Lepri would reverse the position into a single leg, but Ramos was once again able to scramble out of a dangerous position.

The deciding moment came in the fifth round, when Lepri hit a sweep from x-guard that was enough to score two points and give him the victory. While many, including the commentators, were not happy with the flow of action in the main event, this is what happens when two high-level black belts are pit against one another for a title.

The second title match on the card featured Joao Miyao against Ary Farias as Miyao was defending his featherweight title. Both men were aggressive right from the start as Farias was able to successfully score a takedown in the opening moments. Miyao would rest in the position as he fought off of his back and secured a sweep to gain two points of his own before the end of the first round.

Farias and Miyao would continue to exchange points in every round, but each time Miyao would find a way to come out on top; scoring with his ability to scramble from 50/50 and ending up on top. In each round, Miyao’s strategy would come out on top as he found find a way to initiate his guard and sweep the aggressive Farias. Once in his patented 50/50 control position, Farias was unable to find a way out of the position and score enough points to keep pace. In the final round, Miyao opened up his offense and ended that round with a 7-0 score to continue his dominance in this match and keep the title around his waist.

ACB JJ featured a number of high-level athletes in both the gi and no-gi divisions. As competitive grappling continues to expand to new markets, ACB JJ 14 is yet another example as to why this promotion is worth watching. You can watch the full event replay in the video embedded in this post.

ACBJJ 14 Full Results

21. Lucas Lepri def. Davi Ramos -75kg title via Points

20. Zubaira Tukhugov def. Josh Emmett -73kg via Points

19. Joao Miyao def. Ary Farias -60kg title via Points

18. Yusuf Raisov def. Diego Sanchez via Points

17. Luiz Panza def. Rodrigo Cavaca 95+ kg via Submission

16. Albert Duraev def. Magomed Ismailov via Points

15. Joao Rocha def. Nicholas Meregali 95+ kg via Points

14. Mukhamed Berkhamov def. Aslambek Saidov -82kg via Points

13. Igor Silva def. Abdurakhman Bilarov -95kg via Points

12. Abdul-Aziz Abdulvakhabov def. Eduard Vartanyan via Points

11. Lucas Barbosa def. Romulo Barral -85kg via Points

10. Ali Bagov def. Gadzhimurad Hiramagomedov -82kg via Submission

9. Lucas Rocha def. Daud Adaev -75kg via Submission (Armbar)

8. Adlan Bataev def. Murad Machaev via Submission (RNC) – Machaev was KOd in a scramble

7. Thiago Sa def. Ayub Magomadov 85kg by submission

6. Muhamed Kokov def. Georgi Karakhanyan via submission - choke

5. Gabriel Marangoni def. Osvaldo Moizinho 65kg via Points

4. Augusto Mendes def. Kim Terra 65kg via Points

3. Ali Magomedov def. Bruno Frazatto 65kg via submission

2. Marcos Oliveira and Gabriel Lucas 95+kg ended in DQ due to passive fighting

1. Rodnei Barbosa def. Samir Chantre 60kg via Points