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Josh Thomson: UFC president Dana White could be next target of #MeToo movement

Former UFC lightweight Josh Thomson speaks out in light of the “Eskimo Brothers” issue that went on between Dana White and Brendan Schaub.

UFC president Dana White and retired heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub have been at odds as of late. The two men went at it on one of Israel Adesanya’s Instagram posts, but it was Schaub who was able to get the last word in with his “Eskimo Brothers” comment.

But apparently, White’s alleged involvement with other women also extends to other fighters and their partners, at least according to Bellator lightweight fighter Josh Thomson. In a recent episode of his very own Sammy and the Punk podcast, Thomson alleged that the UFC executive used his powers as leverage to get even with fighters, after an unsuccessful pursuit of their girlfriends or wives.

“There are people that I’ve been close with, that have fought for the UFC for a long time, and they have had very similar problems to what Brendan’s having right now,” Thomson said (transcript via MMA Mania). “Where he was dating a girl that maybe Dana was trying to date or either dating at the time and that girl kind of liked somebody else.

“It just became an issue. Like all of a sudden that person wasn’t on pay-per-view anymore. All of a sudden that person was getting cut for no reason,” he continued. “It was little things like that. It just seems really, it’s so funny. For someone who has made $364 million. Really? I just don’t get it.

“I’m talking about people that have, I don’t want to put anybody else’s name out there on blast, but there are people that were so ingrained, world champions, so ingrained in the company that are now are no longer even heard of, that Dana has either tried to hang out with that person’s wife.”

Thomson also advises White to be careful, especially with the current #MeToo movement that has been targeting other high-profile men for alleged acts of sexual misconduct.

“It’s unfortunate because he is such a high-profile person,” Thomson said of White. “Honestly, in this situation you got to be careful, Dana, because in this whole movement of Me Too, just wait for one girl to speak up and be like, ‘You know what? I’m on Brendan’s side.’”

“Think about it, I can see it, he is a guy with high powers worth hundreds of millions.”

Surprisingly, White has so far remained silent and has yet to issue a response of his own.