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Quintet 2 results and highlights: Team 10th Planet takes home the title

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Team 10th Planet defeated Team Reebok in the finals of the team grappling showcase.

Team 10th Planet left Quintet 2 victorious
Quintet PR

Kazushi Sakuraba’s dream child, Quintet continued its push into the world of competitive grappling with Quintet 2 that occurred on July 16th, an early morning edition of grappling for fans across the ocean. This event included the addition of a team from Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet, a group well known across the grappling community. This team proved why they’re so popular across the sport as they won the team title and took the crown back to the United States.

In order to win the event, the 10th Planet team had to defeat Sakuraba’s Team Reebok in the final and they did in dominating fashion.

The route started with PJ Barch facing off against Daisuke Nakamura. Even though the match did not end in a finish, Barch was able to put himself in a number of threatening positions against Nakamura. With the match ending in a draw, both teams would lose one competitor, leaving them with four each. Unfortunately for Team Reebok, this is when the wheels would begin to fall off.

First up would be current CJJ champion, Richie Martinez as he would face off against MMA legend, Sakuraba. Martinez was able to submit Sakuraba using the D’arce choke; a move that he has used multiple times across the EBI circuit.

That win for Team 10th Planet would bring out the heavy hitter for Team Reebok, Haisam Rida. Earlier in the day Rida defeated three members of Team Tiger Muay Thai; helping Team Reebok to a quick victory in the opening match. He continued his impressive run as he found a way to submit Richie Martinez via an arm bar, giving his group their first and only win in the finals.

One of the more impressive victories of the day came when the EBI bantamweight champion, Geo Martinez defeated the much larger Rida via the guillotine variation known as the Marcelotine. In his next match, Martinez held his ground against another larger opponent in Hideo Tokoro as their match ended in a draw. This set up Amir Allam to close out the match for Team 10th planet when he would submit Dong Sik Yoon with a short choke.

This was a strong showing for Team 10th Planet in the finals. Their earlier match against Team Vagabond includes some exciting submission only bouts and should be watched by anyone who is a fan of competitive grappling. Quintet 2 is available for streaming via the UFC Fight Pass platform.

Match 1: Team Tiger Muay Thai VS Team Reebok

Christophe Vandick x Dong Sik Yoon (draw)

Tarek Suleiman x Hideo Tokoro (draw)

Viking Wong x Haisam Rida (Rida by toe hold)

Alex Schild x Haisam Rida (Rida by kneebar)

Stuart Cooper x Haisam Rida (Rida by RNC)

Team Reebok Advances

Match 2: Team Vagabond VS Team 10th Planet

PJ Barch x Krysiek Schorabski (draw)

Richie Martinez x Joao Assis (draw)

Geo Martinez x Satoshi Ishii (draw)

Amir Allam x Andrej Kazusionak (Kazusionak by scissor takedown to kneebar)

Adam Sachnoff x Andrej Kazusionak (Sanchoff by RNC)

Adam Sachnoff x Kikheil Dopidze (draw)

Team 10th Planet Advances

Final Match: Team 10th Planet VS Team Reebok

PJ Barch x Daisuke Nakamura (draw)

Richie Martinez x Kazushi Sakuraba (Martinez by darce choke)

Richie Martinez x Haisam Rida (Rida by armbar)

Geo Martinez x Haisam Rida (Martinez by Marcelotine choke)

Geo Martinez x Hideo Tokoro (draw)

Amir Allam x Dong Sik Yoon (Allam by short choke)

Team 10th Planet wins Quintet 2 title