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Mark Hunt’s lawyer looking to amend lawsuit against UFC with return of Brock Lesnar

Mark Hunt’s legal team are taking further action against the UFC with the impending return of Brock Lesnar.

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

In January 2017, Mark Hunt filed a RICO lawsuit against the UFC, company president Dana White, and Brock Lesnar. It all stemmed from UFC 200 in 2016, where Lesnar tested positive for clomiphene.

As indicated in Hunt’s complaint, the UFC allowed Lesnar to fight at UFC 200, even with the knowledge that the ex-WWE star was on the said banned substance.

Without HUNT’s knowledge or consent, the UFC conspired and caused LESNAR, a doping fighter, to fight HUNT, a clean fighter, despite the fact that LESNAR used substances banned by the UFC, USADA and WADA. The substances, Clomiphene and 4-Hydroxyclomiphene, are known ‘Post Cycle Therapy’ (‘PCT’) substances believed to be used after a period of strength training with anabolic steroids or similar prohibited substances.

During the UFC 226 card early this month, it was announced that Lesnar would likely be the first man to challenge heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. In fact, he already re-entered the USADA testing pool last July 3rd and will be eligible to compete after January 8th, 2019.

Because of these developments, Hunt’s legal team is now considering amending their initial lawsuit.

“We debated whether or not to, while the motion to dismiss is pending, to alter the complaint again, to keep adding more facts regarding the way that the organization works and perhaps the unfairness of it,” Hunt’s lawyer Christina Denning told MMA Fighting. “So, that’s something that we have not done yet, but we definitely [might] with all the buzz around [Lesnar] coming back.”

Lesnar was originally awarded a unanimous decision verdict against Hunt, but with his failed drug test, the result was overturned to a No Contest.