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Stipe Miocic isn’t happy about Brock Lesnar’s antics at UFC 226: ‘It was a sh-tshow’

Stipe Miocic is not a fan of what happened in the cage after he lost to Daniel Cormier at UFC 226, and he wants his rematch ahead of Brock Lesnar.

UFC 226: Miocic v Cormier Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

In the immediate aftermath of his KO loss to Daniel Cormier at UFC 226, Stipe Miocic was nothing but respectful. With some time to let the whole thing marinate though, the former heavyweight champion isn’t very happy with everything that happened after the fight.

In case you haven’t heard by now, former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar entered the cage after Cormier won and pushed DC, before getting on the mic to talk some trash. In an interview on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show on ESPN, Miocic made it clear that he didn’t think much of that:

“It was a sh*t show and it was disrespectful, I didn’t think that was what the UFC was all about.”


“I thought they were going to interview me [after the fight] and I was going to ask for a rematch,” Miocic said. “When Brock came in, I said, ‘I’m out of here, I don’t need this circus.’ How can you give a guy a title shot who hasn’t fought in over two years, is suspended, and his last fight is a no-contest because he was taking PEDs?”

What he is saying about Lesnar is true. He doesn’t have an official UFC win since 2010, though he did beat Mark Hunt at UFC 200 before the fight was overturned due to a positive drug test. Lesnar still has a few months left on his USADA suspension to serve, which will keep him out of the cage until at least January 2019.

Miocic continued on, putting the idea of Lesnar getting the chance down to the UFC’s recent supposed money-first mentality:

“I want a title shot. I deserve it,” Miocic said. “[Lesnar] hasn’t fought in how long? For him to get a title shot, as I get thrown to the side? It just seems like they are desperate for pay-per-views.

”I cleaned out the division. I defended it more than anyone, and you’re gonna tell me I don’t deserve a chance to get it back? Get out of here. Kiss my ass if you don’t think I deserve that.”

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