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Video - Mike Tyson Technique Breakdown: Orthodox & Southpaw Angles of Attack

Here is a detailed video analysis featuring some signature techniques from this explosive boxing legend. 38 minutes of action analyzing Tyson’s angles of attack (orthodox and southpaw),

This is a video edition of my introduction to Mike Tyson’s boxing game based on my original posts on Bloody Elbow for your viewing pleasure.

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Mike Tyson Technique Breakdown pt 1: Angles of Attack

Mike Tyson Technique Breakdown pt 2: Southpaw attacks

Mike Tyson Technique Breakdown pt 3: Peekaboo is not included in this video.

Watch the video in the player above.

About the Author: Kostas Fantaousakis is a researcher of fighting concepts, tactics, and techniques, and a state-certified MMA, grappling, and wrestling coach in Greece. He teaches his unique Speedforce MMA mittwork system © which combines strikes, takedowns, knees, and elbows applied in the Continuous Feedback © mittwork system of the Mayweather family. Kostas is a brown belt in BJJ under MMA veteran and BJJ world champion Wander Braga (the teacher of Gabriel Napao Gonzaga).

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