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Nick Diaz calls out Cormier, says WWE confrontation with Lesnar was embarrassing for MMA

Nick Diaz isn’t a fan of Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar’s pro-wrestling antics at UFC 226

UFC 183: Silva v Diaz Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

While Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar’s altercation at UFC 226 will surely make good business for everyone involved, not everyone was a fan of the over the top pro-wrestling style antics from it.

This includes Nick Diaz, who decided to go on a bit of a lengthy rant on social media about it. The 34-year-old, who mostly competes at welterweight, even decided to call out the newly minted heavyweight champion in the process.

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“Sick of this all this ‘baddest man on the planet’ bs,” Diaz wrote on Instagram. “I’ll fight for any title at Any weight. @Ufc wants to make bs wwf fights with guys that fight like shit and put on an act. @dc_mma would look way worse than I do in this pic if he fought Anderson the way I did but instead he decided to wrestle fuck him for five rounds in front of his whole life And still almost got finished off in the last round with Silva only having two or three weeks notice @danawhite should give me this fight instead of dick chest Brock Lesnars cheating ass #dontbescaredhomie nothing personal I love Dc but I don’t like what he does-constantly embarrassed for him and the sport.

“I started doing MMA because it’s not WWF and I’ve never put on A bs act in my life I’m sure fans would like to see a real fight.”

Diaz hasn’t fought since the aforementioned middleweight match up with Anderson Silva back in 2015. While still a popular figure in MMA circles, the Stockton-native hasn’t had a win since beating B.J. Penn seven years ago.

Diaz is obviously free to criticize their antics, but for what it’s worth, calling for a title bout against the heavyweight champion actually makes even less sense than the ‘BS WWF’ fight he’s complaining about.

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