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Judo Chump: NFL player Pacman Jones handles turbulence on land

NFL’s Pacman Jones had a fist fight at an airport.

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

NFL Player Adam “Pacman“ Jones and controversy go hand and hand.

The former Cincinnati Bengal and sometime Dallas Cowboy has had skirmishes in the past, stemming all the way back to his college days in West Virginia. From public intoxication, disorderly conduct and a wild assault case leading to a brawl at a Vegas night club (which left a man paralyzed and hospitalized two others)

Except this week, it seems like trouble came looking for him.

After landing at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport, an airport maintenance employee had words for Jones and approached him in an agitated manner. Associated Press reports that the man then struck Jones, causing minor injury.

Atlanta Police spokesman Jarius Daugherty says Jones confronted ABM Industries employee Frank Ragin after Ragin made a “gesture” toward the football player Tuesday night at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Police say words were exchanged before Ragin struck Jones with a closed fist, causing a cut to Jones’ face.

Jones walks by the individual, who continues to taunt him as he walks away. He then turns around and a female companion attempts to prevent the situation from getting physical. After Ragin hits Jones, he attempts to lunge with a 1-2 combo, appearing to whiff on both. They’re briefly separate before they go at it again, this time an overhand right from Jones that misses by roughly a half a mile. Ragin tries a swatting punch while Jones grabs ahold of the employee’s visibility vest and ends up dragging Ragin to the floor. Ragin the seems to realize that he’s about to receive free dental work and begins to sit up, but Jones is already there to land a short punch a-la-Cormier. He then channels the spirit of MySpace-era Shogun Rua and works in some quick stomps as if to put out a fire on Frank’s face.

His companion appears to have also suffered minor injury, and both parties declined medical assistance. Local authorities did not find Jones liable and took Ragin in to custody with two counts of battery against him.

Jones is currently a free agent (nudges and winks at Dana White).

(hat tip to NFL Humor on Twitter)