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Video: Can you guess every champion in UFC history? (Part 1)

In a trivia contest, four MMA journalists put their knowledge of the sport to the test.

There have been many champions over the history of the UFC. Some title reigns are historic and will never be forgotten. Other title reigns were far less significant, and can get lost in the minds of fans as time goes on.

We put four different MMA journalists in the hot seat, testing their knowledge on the history of UFC champions. For part 1, we go through the lighter weight classes, looking at the champions from Strawweight to Welterweight.

For this quiz, the journalists must name the champions from current day to the first champion in the weight class. There is a one strike rule, meaning that if a person gets the order of one championship wrong, then they are eliminate from the quiz.

The featured journalists in this video are Adam Martin (Writer for MMAOddsMaker), James Lynch (Journalist for SI, Fightful, FloCombat + more) Alexander Lee (Writer for MMAFighting) and Alex Scaffidi (Writer for MMA Today).

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