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UFC 225 results: Holly Holm wins dominant decision over Megan Anderson

Holly Holm dominated Megan Anderson on the ground to earn a unanimous decision on the UFC 225 main card.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

On the UFC 225 main card, the former bantamweight champion Holly Holm outclassed Megan Anderson, utilizing her grappling to dominate the UFC newcomer. Anderson started hot, but Holm quickly slowed down the tempo with her clinch work, takedown, and top control. Holm scored an early takedown in the second round, and kept it, threatening with submissions and landing some pretty big bombs from the top. Anderson really struggled with the top control of Holm, offering up very little off of her back. The final frame saw more of the same, Holm scoring the takedowns and dominating from the top. Who will be next for holm?

Main Card:

Holly Holm def. Megan Anderson by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26 x2): (W) Featherweight

Anderson came out aggressive and landed a big knee to the face early in the fight, forcing Holm to enter the clinch and stall the fight up against the fence. Once in open space, Holm landed a sweet front kick to the face before taking the fight to the ground. Holm racked up a few ground strikes before time expired but didn’t inflict any substantial damage.

Holm was able to force her foe up against the cage early on in the second round, before putting Anderson on her back again. From side control, Holm worked a Kimora attack with one arm and landed punches with the other. Anderson gave up full mount and ate some big leather because of it. It became quite clear that Holm was the better grappler of the two.

Right away, Holm attacked a takedown to start the final round, but settled for shoving Anderson up against the cage. Anderson was unable to get any separation, and gave up the takedown once again. From full mount, Holm opted to bail on the position to stand back up, just to take the fight right back down to the mat. Again, Holm moved into full mount and dominated Anderson on the ground.

This knee from Anderson was vicious:

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