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Jon Jones calls ‘disgusting’ Colby Covington a ‘special type of liar’

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Jon Jones fired back at former roommate Colby Covington on Friday after being accused of PED use.

UFC 214 Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Jon Jones fired back at Colby Covington in his latest Instagram post.

Covington, who meets Rafael dos Anjos for the UFC interim welterweight title at UFC 225 on Saturday, recently accused Jones, a former light heavyweight champion, of performance-enhancing drug use throughout college. Covington and Jones, both wrestlers before moving to MMA, were roommates for years.

Now both prominent UFC fighters, the two have gone back and forth in interviews and on social media for the better part of the past couple years. On top of the alleged PED use, Covington also claimed “Bones” used recreational drugs, such as ecstasy.

“He just started doing steroids and always freaking had ‘roid rage,” Covington told the Jim and Sam Show earlier this week. “He’d come home and he’d yell at me: ‘What the f-ck are you doing Colby? Do the dishes.’ He would just like freak out. I would see this ‘roid rage in his eyes and I would just be like ‘What’s your deal, man?’

Jones had no intention of sitting back and allowing Covington to accuse him of PED use. On Friday, the 205-pound great lashed out at “Chaos” on social media, calling him a liar.

“You’re a special type of liar bro and honestly I feel sorry for you,” Jones wrote. “Actually think I feel more sorry for anyone in your life who believes a word that comes out of your mouth. The way lies can just roll off your tongue is honestly impressive. You’re disgusting.”

If it wasn’t already clear, Jones implied in a separate post that he won’t be rooting for Covington at UFC 225:

“Retweet if you’re praying RDA pulls this off tomorrow night,” Jones wrote.

Jones is currently provisionally suspended by USADA, the UFC’s anti-doping partner, and awaiting an official sanction. He tested positive last year after a knockout win over Daniel Cormier to re-claim the light heavyweight title at UFC 214. The win was later overturned to a no contest.

On the other hand, Covington will be next in line to face welterweight king Tyron Woodley if he gets past dos Anjos on Saturday in Chicago.