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Video: Reaction to Yoel Romero missing weight, and what it means for UFC 225

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Michael Hutchinson is not impressed with Yoel Romero missing weight.

Yoel Romero has missed weight for the UFC 225 main event, meaning that the UFC Middleweight title will not be on the line on Saturday night.

A difference of 0.2lbs has turned the main event on its head. Whether or not Robert Whittaker and Romero will still fight is up in the air, and any meaning derived from the fight will be subjected to an asterisks that notes the missed weight.

This particular situation is rare, but the chaos and confusion surrounding an event during fight week has become a common sideshow in the lead up to the fights. You really never know what news will break the week of the fight that will lead to changes in the fight card.

Even worse than the fight cards becoming unpredictable, the weight divisions have become a mess, with no clear, undisputed champion in two of the sports most premier divisions (Lightweight and Middleweight).

Michael Hutchinson vents his frustrations in the video above, and asks what can be done to fix the chaos that has enveloped the UFC lately.