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MMA Squared Ep 17: UFC 225 and the joy of consequences

UFC 225 gets the MMA squared treatment, as the first event in a while that feels like it has real consequences on the line.

Hello, this is Chris. Welcome to another MMA Squared and today I am excited. After a regretful stretch of events with many low-to-no-stakes fights, I find myself thrilled about UFC 225 from top to bottom. This event has great match-ups, great fighters, and most of all...

Title implications, career trajectories, and Clay Guida!

‘Young Dinosaurs’ face off against ‘Old Lions’ with the legendary careers of Rashad Evans, ...Alistair Overeem and Andrei Arlovski...

becoming litmus tests, against which fans will judge the next generation – represented by Anthony Smith, Tai Tuivasa...

The Shoey is the most innovative work around the Reebok sponsorship restrictions we’ve seen yet.

and Curtis Blaydes.

All of whom are young, talented, and (in at least one case) charismatic athletes.

Lately, this is the best we can hope for in a card.

On top of all that, there are title implications in three divisions. Megan Anderson has a chance to secure a headlining spot on a PPV against Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino with the right performance against Holly Holm.

If she can avoid becoming another head-kick KO highlight

There’s a subtle Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen vibe to the Rafael Dos Anjos vs Colby Covington fight. One that should be acknowledged both because it’s fun...

Rafael dos Frankos

and because both fighters are very good once they don’t have to talk and can just focus on fighting.

But most importantly, two of the best middleweights around are squaring off for the second time.

Bobby “The Reaper” Knuckles

Each of them has the potential to be named the best fighter of their generation.

Even if he loses again, Yoel Romero is top-5 best dressed in the UFC

Look, I know I hate on the events, oversaturation, and the promotion itself...

Pie charts are a great way to convey bittersweet realities.

but when things are great, I have to acknowledge it.

So, even though half the fights I just talked about will have been cancelled by the time you read this, let’s be happy for a moment.

And remember that each and every episode of MMA Squared is brought to you by Combat Wombat, and expression of marsupial violence known... somewhere.

Hey all, Chris here. Thanks for your time, and always feel free to keep in touch via twitter or email me at if you’d like to purchase framed drawings from this or any MMA Squared episode from .