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Many UFC fighters aren’t happy about Dana White’s plan to remove early weigh-ins

Dana White said he wants the early weigh-ins moved back to how it once before, and many UFC fighters aren’t happy with it.

Angela Hill, weigh in Esther Lin

Dana White recently went on record to say that he is “getting rid” of the early weigh-ins and is actively trying to putting it back to the afternoon. He cites how fighters took advantage of the extra time to cut even more weight, leading to more misses during the two-year period it was implemented.

In that two-year span, 62 fighters have missed weight, resulting in 15 fight cancellations. This would be double the amount of misses in the same period prior to the early weigh-ins, and triple the amount of cancellations. According to several fighters though, they shouldn’t be “punished” and lose time to rehydrate because of the small minority of their irresponsible peers who didn’t make weight.

Seems like the consensus on social media is that changing back the system would be a bad idea, as several fighters immediately expressed their displeasure.

A few more people have noted that major decisions like these should at least have some input from the fighters themselves:

Other personalities in MMA have expressed their thoughts:

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