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Accuser in Nick Diaz domestic incident claims cocaine use made him violent

Details have emerged from an alleged domestic violence incident involving former UFC title contender and Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz.

Nick Diaz by Esther Lin

In late May MMA Junkie confirmed news that former Strikeforce champion and UFC title contender Nick Diaz had been arrested in Las Vegas. Diaz was reportedly taken into custody on May 24th on domestic violence charges, before being released on $18,000 bail. Friends of Diaz were quick to rush to his defense, attacking the alleged victim’s character and the nature of her relationship with the notable fighter.

Through a records request with the the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department, MMA Fighting obtained the arrest report from the incident, which provides more details of the case and potentially why Diaz ended up in custody.

According to the report, Diaz and his accuser apparently got into a verbal argument after she learned that he was in a sexual relationship with one of her friends. After the alleged victim threw a glass of water at him, she claims he “grabbed her by the head and slammed her to the ground, hitting her head against the floor.” Reportedly, outside the residence, she also claims Diaz choked her and then tried to throw her into a swimming pool, instead causing her to fall and injure her hip on a corner of the pool.

Per Fighting’s story, the alleged victim was “visibly in a large amount of pain and could not walk,” when officers arrived. Additionally, their report states that she showed signs or redness around her neck and head, as well as bruises on her legs. She was apparently transported to a hospital soon afterward for treatment of a potentially broken hip. The police report notes that because Diaz showed no signs of injury, and the alleged victim’s injuries appeared “severe,” he was deemed the “primary physical aggressor.”

In addition to the details of the incident, Fighting reports that the accuser stated that Diaz’s violence was a new development in their relationship. One that she attributed to his recent cocaine use. Diaz is next due back in court on June 24th.

For further details, go to MMA Fighting for a more complete summary of the police report.

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