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Jon Jones’ manager: Georges St-Pierre’s return after four-year layoff ‘lit a fire under him’

As he faces a possible four-year suspension, manager Abraham Kawa says his client Jon Jones is drawing inspiration from Georges St-Pierre.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is currently facing a possible four-year suspension. This is stemming from his in-competition drug test failure at UFC 214 last July, and the fact that it already is his second PED-related infraction in the UFC.

The final decision will be handed down at Jones’ arbitration with USADA, which has yet to be determined. But according to one of the fighter’s managers Abraham Kawa, Jon is drawing inspiration from Georges St-Pierre, who also went through four years in the sidelines and came back with an impressive performance en route to a world title.

“When he saw GSP do what he did, it actually lit a fire under him,” Kawa said on Monday’s episode of the MMA Hour (via MMA Fighting). “He said, ‘Man, you know what, if he can do that after four years, why can’t I? Why can’t I go out there and do that?’ Or whatever it might be. So, Jon, never once did he say, ‘I’m gonna quit, I don’t want to do this anymore.’”

Kawa adds that Jones has also been training during this time off, despite the uncertainty of his return.

“He’s in a good place. He’s anxious to get back more than anything,” Kawa said of Jones. “People you say you get that itch — he’s got an itch, man. It’s bad. I actually feel bad for the next guy that fights him. I really do.”

“Not saying he’s going to take it all out on him. But he’s sharpening his tools to where you thought he was good before, wait until you see him now.”

Jones, now 30 years of age, has already been slapped with a $205,000 fine and had his license revoked by the California State Athletic Commission due to the said violation.

Kawa’s interview begins at the 3:46:48 mark of the video above.