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Vitor Belfort hints at return, asks fans which legend he should rematch

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It sounds like Vitor Belfort would like another crack at some old foes, but his list doesn’t seem to include anyone all that suitable.

UFC 198 Weigh-ins Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Vitor Belfort completed his contract with the UFC last month in a loss to Lyoto Machida. But that doesn’t mean he’s retiring. The Phenom took to social media to hint at a return and asked fans would they would like to see him fight next. As usual for Vitor though, his choices were a bit curious:

“If you could choose one of those fights to happen again, which one would you like to see? @wandfc @titoortiz1999 @chuckliddell @mikebisping @danhendo

Of the five, exactly one is an active fighter - Wanderlei Silva. He will be competing against Quinton Jackson in a couple of months under the Bellator banner. Both Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell are retired, though they might return to fight each other under the Golden Boy banner later this year. Michael Bisping just retired. And Dan Henderson retired two years ago.

He had varying degrees of success against the guys he’s talking about in the past. He beat Silva in 44 seconds way back in 1998. He dropped a unamimous decision to Liddell in 2002. He lost a split decision to Tito in 2004. He beat Bisping via TKO in 2013, and while there had been a ton of talk about a rematch, it never came about. And he fought Henderson three times over the years, losing the first in Pride but winning both UFC rematches.

Belfort (26-14) is 2-4 with one No Contest in his last seven fights overall.