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MMA Squared Ep 20: Israel Adesanya Is Doing Everything Right

The Last Stylebender has a killer highlight reel and understands self promotion. All we have to do is see what happens next.

Hello, this is Chris. And this week on MMA Squared we’ve got nothing to complain about. We want to look at the simple yet effective approach Nigeria’s Israel Adesanya has used to waltz into a headlining spot in his third UFC appearance (in just under six months) at The Ultimate Fighter 27 Finale.

First, he scored a Performance of the Night Bonus in his debut while pissing all over the octagon, putting the rest of the middleweight division on notice.

A move so shocking to advertisers, it was covered in Forbes magazine

While some fighters continue to sabotage their career trajectories by squandering valuable mic / screen time,

Joe Rogan interviewing Someone McNobody at UFC Tuscaloosa

...The Last Stylebender has mapped out a title run that aims at smashing fellow prospects (the winner of Uriah Hall / Paulo Costa at UFC 226) and veterans (Chris Weidman).

A salute to the Eugene S. Robinson Show Stomper

Sure his ground game is as bad as his striking is good, but this is MMA and personality goes a long way.

If he ever drops a mixtape, this pose should be the cover.

When a prospect is hot and rising fast, we’re often full of questions:

“Can Conor McGregor stop the takdown?” “Will Brian Ortega ever win a round?”

These two must fight. You know this.

With Adesanya, he has told us what will happen and how he wishes to be perceived.

The tension and anticipation lie in waiting to see just how his future unfolds. I do hope the UFC brings him along slowly because the middleweight division is full of grappling beasts at the elite level.

Romero, Weidman, and Jacare might pick Israel apart on the canvas. Let him work on his TD defense and BJJ.

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Take care of yourself, and I’ll talk to you next week.

Chris Rini

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