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UFC Singapore Video Highlights: Leon Edwards gets past Donald Cerrone

Check out the video highlights of Leon Edwards’ unanimous decision victory of Donald Cowboy Cerrone.

The UFC Singapore main event pitted the promotions 13th ranked welterweight Leon Edwards against the 11th ranked Donald Cerrone. It was the Brit Edwards who would get his hand raised after this one. He out struck, out paced, and out classed Cerrone for the duration of the contest. He struck well and hard against Cowboy, opening up a big cut across the American’s right eyebrow. Cerrone was never overwhelmed, though. He survived the contest and hit Edwards with venom a couple of times in the fight. But regardless of Edward’s inability to finish the veteran, the fight proved he deserves top notch competition from here on out. For Cerrone, it’s back to the ranch, where he’ll probably prepare for another action fight in the near future.

Check out Milan Ordoñez’s play-by-play of the action and see how he scored the unanimous decision:

Round 1 - Cerrone eats a hard kick as he changes levels for a takedown. Edwards gets the clinch and pushes Cerrone towards the fence with head control. Edwards lands a hard left elbow as he exits the clinch. Cerrone is cut above his right eye, and shoots in for a takedown and clinch. Edwards defends well and lands a knee off the clinch. Cerrone throws a high kick but misses. Edwards lands another left high kick and gets more comfortable fighting at kicking range. Round ends with Cerrone landing a left head kick. 10-9 Edwards.

Round 2 - Both men exchange kicks as the second round opens. Edwards feints and lands with a hard body kick. Edwards gets the clinch and lands clean punches. Cerrone gets the clinch and pushes Edwards towards the fence. Edwards reverses position and lands an elbow. Cerrone is bleeding more from the right eye. Edwards lands another hard body kick. 10-9 Edwards.

Round 3 - Edwards lands another elbow, followed by a left hand that wobbled Cerrone a bit. Cerrone attempts another takedown, but Edwards easily stuffs it. Cerrone lands a lead uppercut which backs up Edwards. Cerrone pushes the action towards the fence, but Edwards gets out with ease. Cerrone mixes up his punches, throwing body to head combinations. Round ends with Edwards landing an inside leg kick. 10-9 Edwards.

Round 4 - Cerrone leads with a straight right to the body. Edwards kicks Cerrone’s leg, who then falls to the ground. Edwards continues to land hard shots, but Cerrone keeps distance with side kicks. Cerrone changes levels for another takedown, but is stuffed. Cerrone pushes Edwards towards the fence, but the latter moves out. Edwards lands hard body kicks. Cerrone brings the fight to the mat, but Edwards wall walks and gets back up. Edwards lands another left elbow off the clinch. Cerrone lands an outside low kick to Edwards’ lead leg. Round ends with Cerrone landing a right high kick. 10-9 Cerrone.

Round 5 - Edwards lands a low teep kick. Cerrone lands a side kick as Edwards was backing up towards the fence. Edwards showing lesser activity compared to earlier rounds. Cerrone throws a three-punch flurry as Edwards backs up towards the fence once again. Edwards throws a left high kick that lands, then backs away immediately. Cerrone gets the clinch, pushes Edwards to the fence, scores a trip and finishes the takedown. Edwards gets back up and throws an elbow as he exits the clinch. Cerrone lands a two-punch combination as the final 30 seconds approaches. Round ends with both men throwing caution to the wind. 10-9 Cerrone.

Here’s the highlights of the main event:

Leon Edwards enters the Singapore Indoor Stadium repping Jamaica and the United Kingdom:

Cowboy looks like he’s been here a million times before (he almost has):

Edwards drew first blood in a pretty dominant first round:

Round two was much of the same for Rocky:

Second round ended with Cowboy throwing a cheeky kick they may not have been strictly legal:

Cerrone looked energized in the third, where he caught Edwards a couple of times:

But Edwards responded in the fourth, landing the harder shots:

Cerrone got a takedown in the final round, but it was too little too late:

We’ve seen this routine before. Edward’s wasn’t interested, though:

No doubt who won this one:

Beef squashed and much respect from the competitors:

Despite losing it looks like Cerrone had a good time:

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