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MMA Squared Ep. 19: CM Punk Enters the Hall of Weird Fighters

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We imagine who Phil Brooks will meet now that the pay-per-view portion of his martial arts journey is over.

Hello, this is Chris. This week on MMA Squared we ask: now that the Punxperiment is complete, where does Phil Brooks go?

He just likes it, ok?

I’ll tell you where, to The Hall of Weird Fighters.

Mr. Brooks will be enshrined alongside the king of weird fighters, James “Lights Out” Toney, a former champion boxer who in 2010 found himself in a bit of tax trouble.

In exchange for a large sum of cash, Toney suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Randy “The Ancient One” Couture.

You know how tough you gotta be to pull off the balding Koala tufts haircut? REAL tough.

Toney did leave his everlasting mark on MMA with the creation of the “side check kick,” never again to be performed in the octagon.

Alongside the King of Weird Fighters sits his Queen, Rin Nakai. Undersized and sexualized, I always suspected she was brought in as a potential B-side to Ronda Rousey. Unfortunately she was unable to get past Miesha Tate.

and Leslie Smith (how do you have a dud fight with Leslie Smith?!?)

Kick of a lifetime right there. Search the gif, it’s worth a chuckle.

But Nakai’s topless deadlifting and bunny suit weigh in videos will ensure that her legend lives on forever.

Googling Rin Nakai content is full of risky clicks.

A special thanks to McKinley Noble for requesting Rin Nakai which inspired this week’s episode. Whenever there are slow moments in the UFC’s schedule, why don’t you drop me a line at or twitter. Request a story, air a grievance, or pet a wombat.

Today’s episode of MMA Squared was brought to you by COMBAT WOMBAT, an expression of marsupial violence, known... somewhere. Get a shirt, today is the last day they’re available.

Thanks for reading and as always, take care of yourselves. I’ll talk to you next week.