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Aguilar explains her side of why NSYAC nixed her UFC Utica fight due to chapped lips

Jessica Aguilar isn’t happy about being pulled from her UFC Utica fight despite being cleared by doctors.

UFC 190 Weigh-in Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Ever since the UFC got legalized in the state of New York, the athletic commission there has been under scrutiny for their handling of events. Whether it involves strange refereeing decisions, unnecessary suspensions, or just straight out weirdness, it seems like there’s always something.

Last night’s event in Utica was no different.

It seems that NYSAC had an issue with Jessica Aguilar after the weigh-ins on Thursday. And that issue apparently was chapped lips. Now that seems incredibly minor, but can be a side effect of a very hard weight cut. So they sent her to a dermatologist to get cleared.

Aguilar says she did exactly that, and got the proper clearance. But for her fight with Jodie Esquibel was still scrapped by the commission.

An obviously disappointed Aguilar took to Instagram to explain her side of things:

“Hey guys! Here’s a little update on the BS that went down today right before my fight. I am super disappointed and heartbroken, this is the second fight in a row canceled. I want to clear things up. The commission had a concern regarding my lips and my use of chapstick during the physical exam prior to weigh-ins so they requested that I be cleared by a dermatologist. So right after weigh-ins the commission rush me to get clearance which I was granted by the dermatologist. But tonight, at the arena, the commission struck again and canceled the fight. You can’t reason with this commission, it kinda felt personal. ‬I am hopeful the @UFC will rebook our fight ASAP.”

As she mentioned, this is her second fight in a row that was cancelled not long before it was about to go down. Back in February, opponent Livia Renata Souza pulled out with an injury a week before their scheduled fight in Austin.

Aguilar (19-6), a former WSOF champ, is still looking for her first UFC win.

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