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Video - Behind the scenes at Bare Knuckle FC

Esther Lin and Eugene Leydon of MMA Fighting bring you their latest ‘Fight Journal’ from the newest organization to make a splash in the combat sports world, Bare Knuckle FC.

Bare Knuckle FC made a bit of a splash in the combat sports world with their inaugural event in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The card, headlined by Ricco Rodriguez vs. Lewis Rumsey, featured a bevy of longtime MMA veterans, including former UFC fighters Joey Beltran, Johnny Bedford, Estevan Payan and Bec Rawlings.

Also on the scene was MMA Fighting’s Esther Lin and Eugene Leydon, taking photos and shooting video of the first bare knuckle fighting event to be licensed in the USA in decades. The product of their labor is this fantastic mini-doc - Fight Journal: Bare Knuckle FC.

The video features behind the scenes footage and photos, including interviews with many of the fighters involved. It’s a fantastic second look at a unique event in modern combat sports history, so check it out.