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Tyron Woodley responds to Colby Covington’s sister, says she tried to slide into his DMs

Colby Covington’s sister has made her way into the escalating war of words between the newly crowned interim champion and welterweight title holder Tyron Woodley.

UFC 209: Woodley v Thompson 2 Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

At UFC 225 Tyron Woodley’s next welterweight title contender was crowned. Colby Covington took on former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos for the interim 170 lb strap, defeating the Brazilian via a hard fought, tightly contested 5 round decision. Afterward, UFC cameras captured Covington’s sister in conversation backstage, getting hyped about her brother’s performance and unified title hopes.

“There are still gonna be haters, ‘Oh well you didn’t do this right, you didn’t do that right. Now we got a belt, now what do you have to say? Now we’re coming after Woodley, there’s no stopping us now. Absolutely not,” she could be heard saying in the UFC’s 225 ‘The Thrill and The Agony’ video.

That may have been a moment of candor between mother and daughter, but it appears that it’s also placed Candace Covington in the middle of what is certain to be an escalating war of words between the two welterweight title holders.

Woodley got wind of her comments and took to Twitter with a response, where he says Candace once tried to slide into his DMs, and apparently he’s got the screenshots to prove it.

Woodley has said in the past that he’d like to fight on UFC 227, but with two title fights already on the card, that doesn’t seem likely. He’s also suggested that he’d like a spot on the next Conor McGregor fight card, but who knows when that might happen? Most likely he’ll be back sometime early this fall, as long as Covington is ready to go by then.