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Report: Brock Lesnar ‘under discussion’ to challenge Miocic vs. Cormier winner at UFC 226

We might see Brock Lesnar at T-Mobile Arena for Stipe Miocic vs. Daniel Cormier at UFC 226.

MMA: UFC 200-Lesnar vs Hunt Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is still under contract with WWE, but it’s believed that once that’s up, he’s going to return to the UFC, ending his very brief second retirement from the sport.

While Dana White says that Lesnar is interested in a superfight with Jon Jones, he did mention several months ago that it was possible that Brock could take on the winner of Stipe Miocic vs. Daniel Cormier. According to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, there has been talk of Lesnar attending the UFC 226 main event.

Lesnar has been asked to face the winner of the 7/7 Stipe Miocic vs. Daniel Cormier fight for the heavyweight title, which from a sports standpoint is ridiculous given that Lesnar hasn’t had a true UFC win since Shane Carwin in 2010 (his 2016 win over Mark Hunt was changed to a no contest when he tested positive for Clomiphene). But that would also be a money fight. As noted before, it’s going down to the wire. The idea for that fight is on 12/30 in Las Vegas, which means Lesnar needs to put himself back in the USADA testing pool by 6/30. If he does, it would not be a surprise for Lesnar to show up at the 7/7 UFC 226 show. I can tell you that while that is not decided on, it is something under discussion for him to show up and challenge the winner or them at least tease that.

As noted in the article, Lesnar has six months to serve on his one-year USADA suspension, which froze halfway through when he left the testing pool by announcing his retirement. For now, there’s no indication that he has re-entered, and the only way he can fight in the UFC this year is if he re-enters this month.

It’s no secret that the UFC is in need of a major pay-per-view boost, especially since there’s hardly a guarantee that Conor McGregor will return this year. Lesnar is one of the UFC’s biggest ever PPV stars, so much so that he could hop right into a massive title fight against the Miocic-Cormier winner despite coming off a drug suspension that nullified his win over Mark Hunt. Even teasing such a matchup would surely provide some interest, even though every non-financial reason tells you this is unjustifiable.