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Yoel Romero after UFC 225 loss: ‘I am the black Rocky, the people’s champ’

Yoel Romero does not feel distraught at all by his loss to Robert Whittaker in their rematch at UFC 225 on Saturday night.

UFC middleweight contender Yoel Romero was once again unsuccessful against Robert Whittaker in their rematch at UFC 225 on Saturday night. Similar to their first fight at UFC 213 last July, “The Soldier of God” lost on the judges’ scorecards, but this time, it was a closer split-decision verdict.

But instead of feeling dejected, the 41-year-old Cuban fighter was actually in high spirits during an Instagram live session he did at the hospital right after the fight.

“Hello, guys. I love you, everyone. I love you, I’ll see you soon. Tonight, I don’t feel that I lost,” Romero said. “I am the champ. Just like in the movie, like Rocky Marciano. Today, I am black Rocky, not Soldier of God. I am the black Rocky, the people’s champ.”

“Robert Whittaker said the people saw that I am old, like 41 years old. But what do you think about what he said? Today, God stayed with me the entire time,” he added.

“I love you, see you soon, guys.”

Romero also missed weight for the second consecutive time, tipping the scales at 185.2 pounds. This had resulted in the matchup being demoted from a middleweight title fight to a mere five-round bout. According to Romero, the Illinois Athletic Commission did not give him the full two hours to shed off the remaining weight, and for his manager Abraham Kawa, it is one of the two forms of “robberies” that took place during fight weekend.

“Guys, he got robbed twice, two times in Chicago,” Kawa said. “The Commission took it from him, the judges took it from him. But I’ll tell you what, as fans, as people who have watched this sport for a long, long time, that may have been one of the greatest fights I’ve ever seen in my life. And I know a lot of you guys feel the same way.”

“Give it up for this man, this man did something impossible based on everything. He had a game plan, he executed the game plan, and he won that fight.”

After the second loss to Whittaker, Romero now holds a win-loss slate of 13-3, with 11 wins by knockout.