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UFC 225 results: Robert Whittaker wins split decision war over Yoel Romero

Robert Whittaker pulled out a split decision victory in a highly entertaining war with Yoel Romero in the UFC 225 main event.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The UFC 225 main event just wrapped up with Robert Whittaker barely edging out a split decision over Yoel Romero, in a non-title match. What an incredible main event it was! Whittaker came out with tons of volume, attacking the lead leg of of his opponent as Romero’s output was rather low. The second round saw Romero’s eye swell up pretty bad, but he survived the output of Whittaker and made it out of the round to score a knockdown early in the third frame.

Although he was rocked, Whittaker continued to throw back at Romero, and even landed a lot of offense there in the fourth, despite being hurt at the end of the round. Romero dropped Whittaker with a massive punch in the final act, and was all over him for the bulk of the round. When it was all said and done, it was Whittaker who walked away with the nod.

Main Event:

Robert Whittaker def. Yoel Romero by split decision (48-47 x2, 47-48): Middleweight

A touch of gloves opened up the non-title main event. Whittaker started attacking the lead leg of Romero as Romero just kind of stood there without pulling the trigger. When Romero did finally throw, it was with the worst of intentions, but didn’t land flush. Whittaker pumped his jab often, using it to set up his kicks.

Whittaker continued with his volume into the second round, landing a variety punches and kicks. The output of Romero continued to sit at a simmer, until about the midpoint of the round when he actually threw some strikes. Out of nowhere, the right eye of Romero appeared to be swollen shut, and Whittaker took advantage by upping his volume.

Romero uncorked a massive right hand that dropped Whittaker to start the third round, forcing Whittaker to close the distance. Romero poured it on, landing uppercuts and elbows, but Whittaker hung in there and kept throwing back. Romero blitzed in again, forcing Whittaker to run away, but then Whittaker landed a clean head kick to answer back! Romero ate the kick like a boss and the back and forth continued.

Whittaker came out with head kicks to open up the fourth frame, and then an accidental cup strike to Romero called a halt to the bout. When the fight resumed, Whittaker unloaded some volume, but appeared to be having an issue with his right hand. In the final 20 seconds, Romero landed a big punch that rocked Whittaker, but the round expired before any follow up could take place.

A big cross knocked Whittaker off balance to kick off the final round. Just when it looked as if Whittaker was getting into a groove, Romero dropped him with another monster punch. Romero went in for the kill, but Whittaker scrambled back to his feet, albeit up against the fence with Romero forcing him to carry his weight. The referee broke apart the athletes, and they traded on the feet until the final bell sounded.

This was intense:

Whittaker is mean with the head kicks:

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