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UFC Utica video: Jarred Brooks knocks himself out, Jose Torres wins debut

Check out the video of Jose “Shorty” Torres winning his UFC debut, when Jarred Brooks knocked himself out.

Well, UFC Utica is off to an interesting start, as Jared Brooks knocked himself out in the second round, with Jose Torres capitalizing on the moment to get the win. Brooks had a solid opening round, even dropping Torres with a spinning backfist. In the second frame, Brooks scooped up his opponent for a slamming takedown, but Torres held on and Brooks dumped himself on his head. Torres quickly jumped on Brooks with some ground strikes, but he was already out from slamming himself. What a crazy finish!

Check out Mookie Alexander’s play-by-play of Jared Brooks knocking himself out:

Round 2 - Brooks immediately shoots on Torres, who stays up, but Brooks clips Torres with a right on the exit. Spinning backfist fails and Torres has control of Brooks’ back, then pulls a mat return before Brooks gains control of an underhook. Good body shot by Brooks in a striking exchange. Torres lets his hands go and gets in a few good shots. Takedown is stuffed and Torres answers with knees to the body. Another level change and Brooks is ready for a big slam, and he gets it, but he looks out of it. Torres punches Brooks and that’s the end! Wow! Brooks basically knocked himself out.

Official result - Jose Torres def. Jarred Brooks by TKO (self-slam and punches) at 2:55 of round 2

Look at this insane self-knockout:

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