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UFC Utica prelim results and highlights: Wood subs Eduardo, Brooks KO’s himself

Check out the results and highlights from the UFC Utica prelims, including Nathaniel Wood’s sub of Johnny Eduardo and Jarred Brooks knocking himself out.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Utica- Eduardo v Wood Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC Utica prelims just closed out with the league’s #2 Sijara Eubanks winning her promotional debut with a unanimous decision over the #3 Lauren Murphy. Also on the prelims, David Teymur and Nik Lentz went the full 15 minutes, with Teymur out-landing the veteran to achieve the unanimous nod. Belal Muhammad showed off his superior polish by striking his way to a unanimous decision over UFC newcomer Chance Rencountre. Desmond Green mostly jabbed his way to a unanimous decision over Gleison Tibau, but Green did drop his foe with a flurry in the final round.

On the Fight Pass portion of the prelims, Nathaniel Wood made good on his promotional debut, finding a second round D’arce choke of MMA vet Johnny Eduardo. Opening up the card, Jose Torres made the most of his UFC debut, overcoming an early knockdown to capitalize on Jarred Brooks botching a takedown and knocking himself out. A win’s a win!

**Jessica Aguilar vs. Jodie Esquibel was cancelled due to the NYSAC deeming Aguilar unfit to fight.

FS1 Prelims:

Sijara Eubanks def. Lauren Murphy by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): (W) Flyweight

Eubanks let her hands go early in the first round, tagging Murphy and forcing her up against the fence. The hands continued to land for Eubanks and a cut formed around the right eye of Murphy. From the clinch, Murphy was able to score with a couple knees to the body before the round expired.

Again, Eubanks took the center of the octagon to begin the round, backing up her opponent. A big takedown was realized by Eubanks, and she made use of it by eating up a substantial chunk of clock. Murphy did well with controlling the posture of her opponent, but didn’t make it back to her feet before the horn sounded.

Murphy shot in to kick off the final round, but was unable to get Eubanks to the ground. Eubanks started to show signs of slowing down, but continued to come forward and throw her hands. A big takedown was scored for Eubanks in the final minute of the fight, keeping Murphy on her back the entire time.

Who doesn’t love a good finger wag?

David Teymur def. Nik Lentz by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Lightweight

Teymur was quite active with his footwork right out of the gate, keeping his distance from Lentz. A flash knockdown scored for Teymur, as he met Lentz rushing in with a punch. Lentz finally closed the distance after eating a body kick, and briefly scored a takedown. Teymur popped right back up but Lentz still had a body lock. Teymur poked Lentz in the eye not once, but twice, and the referee instructed Lentz to fight on. Teymur ended up landing some really hard leg kicks just before the round came to a close.

Lentz came forward behind his kicks to start the second stanza. A knee attempt allowed Lentz to get inside, but Teymur was way too wiggly to stay down for even a second. The leg kicks started to pile up for Teymur with welts forming on both of Letnz’s legs. Teymur threw a well-timed leg kick as Lentz was throwing a kick of his own, causing Lentz to hit the deck momentarily.

Lentz landed a few left hands there in the third frame as he continued to move forward. Teymur resumed his leg attack, catching Lentz at just the right moments. The pressure of Lentz slowed up down the stretch, allowing Teymur to take his time with his shots. A late head kick landed late for Teymur, but Lentz ate it like a champ just as time expired.

Look at Teymur pulling out the ol’ Machida kick:

Belal Muhammad def. Chance Rencountre by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Welterweight

Muhammad came forward right out of the gate, taking the center and forcing Rencountre to play the outside. The reach discrepancy didn’t appear to be a factor for Muhammad, as he was able to pop on the inside and land some solid punches over the top. Rencountre tried to shoot in a few times, but Muhammad was having none of it.

A counter left hand landed early for Rencountre to start the second stanza, but Muhammad changed levels and blasted a takedown. Rencountre quickly got back to his feet, where Muhammad continued to move forward. The lead land scored over and over for Muhammad, whether it was a jab or a hook, and usually off of a slip.

The forward pressure of Muhammad was consistent even into the third round. He continued to get to the inside to land punches over the top, as Rencountre struggled to maintain the range. To add insult to injury, Muhammad scored an easy double leg, albeit briefly, but went right back and scored another. Rencountre exposed his back, and Muhammad worked for an RNC, but Rencountre returned to his feet before the end of the round.

Muhammad did an excellent job of getting on the inside to land strikes:

Desmond Green def. Gleison Tibau by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-27): Lightweight

Green was content to play the matador here, stuffing the takedown attempts and countering punching. Tibau pressured forward, looking to close the distance and find away around the jab of Green. There wasn’t a ton of big moments in the opening round, but Green seemed to land more of the strikes.

Tibau didn’t come forward to start the second round like he did in the first, but Green wasn’t exactly eager to move forward either. The jab of Green began to score as Tibau was somewhat stuck at the end of Green’s punching range. Green threw a flying knee at the end of the round but got caught with a hook for his trouble, allowing Tibau to land his best strike of the fight.

Green continued to hang just outside of his opponent’s punching range, causing Tibau to miss a lot. Green landed a stiff jab that jarred his foe, and then finally opened up with a flurry that rocked Tibau. The finish didn’t materialize for Green, but he walked away with the win nonetheless.

Green came up big in the third round, dropping Tibau with a fierce combo:

This might have been the only action in the second round:

Fight Pass Card:

Nathaniel Wood def. Johnny Eduardo by submission (D’arce) at 2:18 of round 2: Bantamweight

Wood came out controlled yet he was still pressuring with tight combinations. Eduardo came back at the UFC newcomer, clipping him with a heavy right hand that staggered him. Then again, Eduardo tagged his foe with a fierce right hand, backing him up to the fence. Wood was on the defense, with Eduardo unloading a flurry mostly comprised of right hands. The veteran did let off the gas there at the end of the round, but Wood was definitely wearing it.

The second round opened with Wood landing a laser right hand, and then with some more straight punches. Eduardo switched it up and shot in, but Wood sprawled really, and instantly started attacking a D’arce. Inch by inch, the hold got tighter and tighter, and then boom, Eduardo was forced to tap. Welcome to the UFC, Nathaniel Wood!

What a slick sub from Wood to win his UFC debut:

Eduardo was landing some leather there in the first round:

Jose Torres def. Jarred Brooks by TKO at 2:55 of round 2: Flyweight

Brooks stung early with a spinning backfist, dropping Torres in the opening round. A series of knees to the shoulder landed for Brooks from the sprawl position. Once back on the feet, Brooks landed a couple more strikes before blasting a beautiful double leg to get a takedown. The round ended with Brooks hanging on the back of a standing Torres.

Brooks tried to land another spinning backfist to open the second round, but Torres was ready for it and used it as a way to take the back. Brooks returned to his feet and returned to his spinning attacks, although he wasn’t landing them. They clinched up and Torres began unloading some dirty boxing, prompting to Brooks to shoot in. Brooks lifted up Torres over his shoulder, and when he went to slam him, Brooks dumped himself on his head, knocking himself out. Torres quickly attacked with some ground strikes and the fight was over. Welcome to the UFC, Jose Torres!

This takedown from Brooks worked:

This one did not:

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