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Video: Watch Darren Till’s painful weight cut before UFC Liverpool

New video footage has emerged revealing the brutal weight cut Darren Till underwent for his fight with Stephen Thompson at UFC Liverpool.

This past weekend at UFC Liverpool, Darren Till missed weight by 3.5 pounds for his main event fight against Stephen Thompson. New footage has been released showing just how tough Till’s weight cut was for the fight, with the video even stating he lost his vision during the cut.

Till’s brutal weight cut ahead of his bout vs. Thompson was documented by the Liverpudlian’s sponsor, Paddy Power. The most recent episode posted to their YouTube account shows Till attempting to cut the remaining 11 pounds to reach the 170-pound limit.

In the beginning of the video, the 25-year-old runs for 50 minutes on the treadmill, wearing several layers of clothing as well as a sauna suit. Laying flat on his back, exhausted from the running, Till’s trainers begin to lace up his gloves as he begins five rounds of pad work.

Being cheered on by his coaches as he finishes the rounds, a fatigued Till is then covered in blankets for 20 minutes in an attempt to sweat off as much weight as possible. After spending 45 minutes in the sauna, the video starts to show some distressing scenes, as Till slowly crawls out of the sauna and goes straight to the scale to check his weight.

With still 5 ½ pounds to cut, “The Gorilla” was only half way through his 11 pound weight cut. The video then states Till did not sleep, and instead turned up to the gym at 5 A.M. to continue cutting weight. After briefly running on the treadmill, Till begin to lose his vision, and his coaches decided to instead take him to the sauna.

The video then ends and states Till’s health “got worse” on the way back to the sauna, and “out of respect” for him, no more filming was done.

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