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Video: Oscar De La Hoya wants to start Golden Boy MMA, Chuck Liddell says he’s coming back

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Dana White is starting up Zuffa Boxing? Well, Oscar De La Hoya wants to launch Golden Boy MMA.

Inroads have already been made for UFC president Dana White to venture into boxing promotion, but did you know that we could soon see Oscar De La Hoya: MMA promoter?

TMZ caught up with De La Hoya and UFC legend Chuck Liddell outside Golden Boy offices, and the retired boxing star turned boxing promoter revealed his intentions to start an MMA promotion, and Liddell could be in the fold.

“It’s no secret that I love what MMA fighters do and the technique they have and the sacrifices they make, so I want to get into the MMA business. I want to start Golden Boy MMA, and we’re just talking some business,” De La Hoya said.

As for the 48-year-old Liddell, he declared “I am making a comeback for sure.”

He has not fought since a knockout loss to Rich Franklin at UFC 115 in 2010. Liddell retired and took an office job as the UFC’s Vice President of Business Development, but was laid off along with Matt Hughes in late 2016.

When asked which opponent he had in mind for his comeback, he gave probably the most obvious answer imaginable.

“[Tito Ortiz] is always my favorite go-to guy,” Liddell said. “One, he’s easy. Two, I never get tired of hitting the guy! People never seem to get tired of seeing it.”

“Imagine Tito and Chuck once again,” De La Hoya added. “That’d be huge.”

You can watch the video at the top of the page and then double check whether or not this is real life and not a bizarre dream that this is even being discussed.