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Mike Perry once again uses ‘n-word,’ Tyron Woodley gives him a pass on it

Controversial UFC welterweight Mike Perry sees no problem with using the contentious word, and the welterweight champ is giving him cover.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Pittsburgh- Perry vs Reyes Don Wright-USA TODAY Sports

Never shy and always outspoken, Mike Perry has carved himself a very unique niche in the MMA community. The welterweight striker has courted controversy various times during his UFC career.

His latest has come via social media, where “Platinum” commented on current champion Tyron Woodley’s Instagram activities via Twitter:

(Link available here if not visible above)

The tweet starts off with his use of the n-word (albeit in an inclusive manner) and goes on to joke about Woodley getting pulled over by police at some point. He proceeds to illustrate just how adept he is at using slang, refers to the skin tone in his hand gesture emojis and uses a hashtag that we won’t get into here. The internet is your friend, you can figure that one out.

For his part, Woodley was not offended by the use of the term here. He went on to discuss the matter live on Instagram, where he was joined by Perry and they talked it over. Woodley made the distinction that since the term was used inclusively and not with as a slur, he was fine with it all.

(Link to video also available here)

After being called out on it by former UFC fighter Gerald Harris, Perry doubled down on it:


Perry has had a few instances of questionable racial commentary on social media, and even went so far as to defend his friend and cornerman Alex Nicholson due to actions that took place during his fight against Hyun Gyu Lim in 2016. He recently took to social media to claim that since a home DNA kit revealed him to be 2% of African descent, he has a license to use the term (or what’s commonly referred to as a “pass“) without impunity.

It’s worth noting that the UFC has not taken any disciplinary action against Perry in any of these incidents. It is unclear whether or not they will do so in this case although they have been rather strict in the past with other fighters and their online activities.