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Video: Was Raquel Pennington’s corner wrong?

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Should Raquel Pennington’s corner have stopped the Amanda Nunes fight, or should we give her corner the benefit of the doubt?

Once again, we’re talking about fighter safety, this time with a focus on coaches. At UFC 224, Raquel Pennington’s corner drew the ire of some MMA fans, who believed that they should have thrown in the towel. To give context, watch the tweet below.

Raquel Pennington was seemingly looking for a way out, but her corner insisted that she not quit. Minutes later, Pennington was finished by Amanda Nunes, receiving additional punishment to an already battered nose.

Is it the responsibility of the coach to ensure that their fighter is safe and throw in the towel, or does the onus fall on the fighter to simply tap out when they feel like they have been mentally beaten? Where does corner advice stray from motivation to guilt and pressure?

Michael Hutchinson discusses the finer points of the argument, similar instances in the past and who’s ultimately responsible for a fighter’s safety in these instances.