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UFC 224 video: Kelvin Gastelum drops Ronaldo Souza en route to split decision win

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Check out the video of Ronaldo Souza and Kelvin Gastelum throwing down in the UFC 224 co-main event.

In the UFC 224 co-main event, the promotion’s #5 Kelvin Gastelum scored a split decision victory over #3 middleweight Ronaldo Souza. Jacare found success in the opening round, with Gastelum getting back into the fight in the second. The final round saw a war of attrition, with each man landing clean shots while absorbing clean shots. After all was said in done, Gastelum did enough to convince the judges to give him the win. Where will Gastelum go from here, and where does Jacare go from here?

Check out Tim Burke’s play-by-play of round 2 from Ronaldo Souza vs. Kelvin Gastelum :

Round 2 - Body kick from Jacare. Gastelum lands a left. Jacare with a right and he dives for a takedown. Can’t get it. Gastelum with a right that cuts Jacare. Souza with a hard right over the top. Jacare wades into the clinch. Gastelum backs off. Jacare with a right. They both miss with rights. Gastelum stuffs a shot but they clash heads. Jacare with a body kick. Body shot from Gastelum. Gastelum drops Jacare with a combo! He won’t engage him on the ground though. Jacare slowly gets up. Body kick from Jacare. He lands a knee too. Inside leg kick from Gastelum. Gastelum presses forward. They bump herads again. Souza with a big left now. Gastelum goes to the body. A right scores from Souza. Huge left from Gastelum. 10-9 Gastelum.

Look at Gastelum drop Jacare with this combo:

Check out Jacare digging deep: