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Video: UFC fighters react to bare knuckle fighting (feat. Elias Theodorou and Misha Cirkunov)

UFC middleweight Elias Theodorou and UFC light heavyweight Misha Cirkunov analyze an Irish Traveler bare knuckle street fight.

In what is likely the penultimate release in BE’s ‘UFC Fighters React’ series of videos, UFC middleweight Elias Theodorou and UFC light heavyweight Misha Cirkunov watched a bare knuckle street fight and told us what they thought about it.

The video Theodorou and Cirkunov are watching here involves a ‘fair play’ fight between Davey Joyce and Michael Nevin in an undisclosed location in the UK. The footage comes courtesy of HARPERS VIDEOS on YouTube, who has acquired a number of videos involving members of the Irish Traveler community (he is currently rebuild-mode after YouTube closed the original channel).

Check out the video above to see what these pro fighters had to say about ‘fair play’. The guys do some technical analysis, but also touch on the culture surrounding this kind of dispute resolution.

If you want to see more of Theodorou, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @EliasTheodorou. You can follow Cirkunov on Twitter and Instagram, as well @MishaC911.

Also, check out Theodorou’s new YouTube channel The Mane Event, which includes exclusive footage of his forays into stand-up comedy and being a ring boy.

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