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WWE’s Seth Rollins on Brock Lesnar to UFC: ‘Don’t believe everything you read’

WWE star Seth Rollins isn’t sold that Brock Lesnar is definitely returning to the UFC as Dana White had previously said.

Before Conor McGregor came along and fought a bus, Dana White announcing Brock Lesnar was coming back to the UFC was one of the hottest news items in the MMA world.

The Lesnar “where will he go?” saga has become a regular tradition when the former UFC heavyweight champion nears the end of a WWE or UFC contract. And he is certainly not above a headfake or two.

Fellow WWE superstar and former Lesnar conqueror Seth Rollins had a bit to say on the matter when caught up with him on the WWE Hall of Fame red carpet.

“I mean, don’t believe everything you read online, right? Fake news. I don’t know. Lesnar is going to do what he wants to do at the end of the day, that’s his M.O. We’ll see what happens.”

Basically, believe Lesnar will be back in the cage when he’s stepping through the door.