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Video: MMA fighter Jose Andres Cortes takes down alleged mugger, holds him until police arrive

An MMA trainer and professional fighter avoids a possible mugging in West Palm Beach, FL.

WPEC-CBS 12 News / Facebook

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Jose Andres Cortes was walking on Datura Street and Dixie Highway, in West Palm Beach, when a man tried to choke him from behind.

Fortunately for Cortes, a professional MMA fighter, he’d had plenty of practice at defending himself in such a position. Cortes told the Sentinel that after he was grabbed — in broad daylight — he held onto his assailant’s wrist and “took him down.”

Cortes said he then held the man down, hoping to contain him until police could respond. The man struggled with Cortes at first, while a crowd began to form around them. “I said, ‘It’s OK guys, I’m a pro fighter,’” recalled Cortes. “Then he gave up.”

Cellphone footage captured the moments after the initial incident, with Cortes holding the alleged mugger in place. In the video police can be seen arriving on the scene and taking the man into custody. A police report, according to The Sentinel, states that the individual had just robbed a nearby restaurant before encountering Cortes.

Cortes, who is nicknamed ‘The Colombian Necktie’, is currently a trainer at Ultima Fitness Downtown, which is close to where the incident took place. He holds a professional MMA record of 3-4. His last fight was in January 2017 at Titan FC 43. Prior to that Cortes fought at regional shows in Panama and Colombia. He also once competed for WSOF (in 2014 vs. Ryan Keenan).

Cortes said he’s glad he was the one who was attacked in this incident, because he is trained to defend himself. “Be alert because this could happen to anybody that is not as skilled as me,” he said.

The 20 second video of Cortes holding down the alleged mugger is available on CBS 12 News’ Facebook page. CBS 12 News’ entire news segment on the story, along with a short interview with Cortes (and a demonstration of the move he used), can be viewed here (via the Orlando Sentinel).

MMA takedown

Man attacks the wrong man. An MMA fighter pins his attacker and we have the exclusive video. Full report from Niala Charles here:

Posted by CBS 12 News on Monday, April 2, 2018