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Fight to Win Pro 27 Results: Tom DeBlass wins in less than one minute

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Tom DeBlass submitted Lou Armezzani via heel hook in the main event.

Tom DeBlass was victorious again at Fight to Win Pro 72
Fight to Win Pro

Saturday was a night of showcase submissions across combat sports and Fight to Win Pro 72 delivered their part. The event was brought forth from Pittsburgh, PA and featured one a prominent name in grappling, Tom DeBlass, in the main event.

DeBlass faced off against Lou Armezzani in the main event and didn’t need much time to get his hand raised in victory. In thirty seconds DeBlass pulled guard and attacked Armezzani’s leg; successfully setting the isolation that allowed for the outside heel hook finish. This is yet another Fight to Win Pro victory for DeBlass where he’s put on exciting matches against the likes of Ricco Rodriguez and Joao Assis.

Fight to Win Pro Full Results

Tom DeBlass defeats Lou Armezzani via Heel Hook

Isaac Greeley defeats Jon Stutzman via RNC

Tommy Costa defeats Kevin Goodwin via Decision

Cameron Lienhart defeats Joshua Cole via Triangle

Tom Scala defeats John Lawrence via Heel Hook

Jay Wadsworth defeats Jacob Miclot via Toe Hold

Rob Hileman defeats Nate Stevens via Heel Hook

Georgina Staley defeats Abi Pacinelli via Decision

David England defeats Justin Kantorik via Decision

Brian Gumbs defeats Johnny Boswell via Bow and Arrow

Dave Marghella defeats Mike Little via Kimura

Alan Eric Gumbs defeats Mark Farrell via Flying Armbar

Aline Krisner defeats Lauren Timco via Decision

David Matiaz Gonzalez defeats Mike Ross via Heel Hook

Michael Haskett defeats Chris Ellis via Heel Hook

Edward Bean defeats Aaron hannan via Knee Bar

Micah Thor Metz defats Dylan Davis via Decision

Daniel Stapinski defeats Evan Anastacio via Decision

Andrew Pardee defeats Aj Bosley Split via Decision

Trung Duong defeats Ryan Croyle via RNC

Darla Sedlacek defeats Rebecca Blair via Decision

Vince Meng defeats Luke Lago via Heel Hook

Josh Fremd defeats Julian Flenory via Decision

Christopher Passerrello defeats Jeptah Orstein via Kimura

Ryan Arreola defeats Justin Bensema via Decision

Collin Caprini defeats Andy Anderson via Head and arm choke

Shane Valko defeats Shawn Rail via Guillotine

John Cadwalader defeats Jacob Myers Propst via Armbar

Justin Michael defeats Jacob Just viaKimura

Chris Dempsey defeats Calvin Tacey via Split Decision

Jeff Mock defeats Trung Duong via Decision

Marc Sestok defeats Ken Robison via Decision