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Karate Combat: Inception results and live discussion

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Discuss the inaugural Karate Combat card on Bloody Elbow on Thursday at 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT.

Seeing as Bloody Elbow has been described as “karate sports magazine,” it’s only appropriate that we actually cover karate at some point, as we’ve had too much of our time taken up with this ballyhooed mixing of the martial arts.

Tonight (Thursday, April 16th) marks the first Karate Combat card. It’s down in Miami, Florida and will be live streamed starting at 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT on These are the three main card fights included this evening:

Elhadji Ndour vs. Andras Virag

Adham Sabdy vs. Josh Quayhagen

Alexandre Bouderbane vs. Dionicio Gustavo

Now for a basic rundown of what Karate Combat is, check out what Eddie Mercado wrote in his preview:

So, what is Karate Combat? Well, think full contact Karate held in a 6.5 meter by 6.5 meter pit-like area surrounded by 45 degree embankments. As far as the ruleset, a lot of the Karate Combat laws overlap with the unified rules of MMA, such as no biting and eye gouging, but don’t expect to see any elbows, knees, or uppercuts. This new combat sports league promotes traditional Karate strikes with a 10-point must judging system, which puts an emphasis on kicking techniques over punches. Takedowns are allowed, but only five seconds of grappling is permitted, sans submissions.

Sean Wheelock and Bas Rutten will be on the call. Follow Eddie on the @BloodyElbow Twitter as he’ll be on-site covering the event for us.