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Frank Mir: I would like to make sure a third Brock Lesnar fight occurs, just be patient

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Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir is expecting a third fight against Brock Lesnar to happen.

UFC 100 - Frank Mir v Brock Lesnar Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Nine years ago, Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir fought each other in a grudge-filled rematch at UFC 100. This time around, it was Lesnar who emerged victorious via second-round TKO in what would be his first heavyweight title defense.

Unfortunately for Mir, he never got to settle the score with Lesnar, whom he defeated in their first fight in February 2008. He is, however, keeping the door ajar for a possible third fight sometime in the future.

“Absolutely [it can happen]. I would like to make sure it occurs,” Mir told MMAWeekly. “Just be patient. I mean who would have thought I would eventually be able to face Fedor.”

Mir is banking on Lesnar’s marketability and strong drawing power to turn the fight from a mere subject of conversations to a reality.

“Brock likes money and I don’t think there’s anybody he could get more pay-per-view buys on than facing me,” Mir said. “I feel that fight will still work itself out because of what the financial ramifications are, it just makes sense.”

In the meantime, Mir is tasked to face Fedor Emelianenko this weekend at Bellator 198 in Rosemont, Illinois as part of the company’s eight-man heavyweight Grand Prix.