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Karate Combat: Inception debuts this Thursday night

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Karate Combat is set to host their inaugural event this Thursday night. Check out the details of this new full contact Karate league inside.

A new brand of combat sport is set to host their inaugural event. Karate Combat: Inception kicks off from Miami, Florida this Thursday night. The night’s matchups will be commentated by martial arts legend Bas Rutten and former Bellator MMA commentator Sean Wheelock. The main event of the evening will see Elhadji Ndour from the United States taking on Andras Virag from Hungary. Also on the main card, Josh Quayhagen faces fellow American Adham Sabdy, and Alexandre Bouderbane from France squares off with Dionicio Gustavo from the Dominican Republic.

So, what is Karate Combat? Well, think full contact Karate held in a 6.5 meter by 6.5 meter pit-like area surrounded by 45 degree embankments. As far as the ruleset, a lot of the Karate Combat laws overlap with the unified rules of MMA, such as no biting and eye gouging, but don’t expect to see any elbows, knees, or uppercuts. This new combat sports league promotes traditional Karate strikes with a 10-point must judging system, which puts an emphasis on kicking techniques over punches. Takedowns are allowed, but only five seconds of grappling is permitted, sans submissions.

The athletes competing at Inception are some of the world’s top Karate practitioners from all over the globe. You can visit to get familiar with some of the competitors, and checkout their preseason event called Genesis to get a better understanding of what to expect this Thursday night. Also, take note of the top shelf cinematography as Karate Combat hopes to provide a level of production value, never before seen in combat sports. It’s almost like you’re watching a movie.

To view Karate Combat: Inception you can live stream the event for free via The Gateway to Karate at at 9:30 P.M. ET, or on the free Karate Combat app for iOS and Android.