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Nate Diaz on Conor McGregor’s UFC 223 incident: ‘We started this G sh-t’

Nate Diaz does not think too much of Conor McGregor’s rampage at UFC 223, since he himself was involved in a high-profile altercation in the past.

Former UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor made the headlines at UFC 223 two weeks ago, when he decided to throw a dolly at the fighters’ bus window. It expectedly brought out a catastrophic outcome, causing injuries to Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg and subsequently forcing them out of their respective fights.

McGregor’s infamous rampage is not something new in mixed martial arts. Something of the same nature happened eight years ago on April 17th, 2010 during a Strikeforce event in Nashville, Tennessee, where Nick Diaz, along with his brother Nate, Gilbert Melendez, and a few other members of their team were involved in a brawl with Jason “Mayhem” Miller.

As one of their fellow Skrap Pack comrades Jake Shields was being interviewed after defeating Dan Henderson, Miller decided to suddenly step in and ask for a rematch. This was when the melee ensued and was broadcasted live on national television.

In light of McGregor’s actions, Diaz decided to bring this ill-reputed incident back to life via an Instagram post.

“This what they were trying to act like they were doing n NYC but no ones for real in this sport were the last of our kind it’s a new day in age ride or die we started this G shit #yallcantfuckwitus#theteam #riders

McGregor spent a mere one night in jail for the incident after posting a $50,000 bail. However, he was charged with one count of criminal mischief and three counts of assault, which he will once again face during a court date on June 14th.