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Joe Rogan: One of the f—ked up things is you know Conor McGregor is getting special treatment

Joe Rogan points out how Conor McGregor is getting special treatment from the UFC, especially after the UFC 223 ruckus.

When he first heard about Conor McGregor’s bus attack at the UFC 223 media day, UFC president Dana White described the incident as “criminal, disgusting, and despicable.” But after supposedly having a talk with his most prized fighter today, White was suddenly willing to let bygones be bygones, since “there’s a lot worse that goes on in all the other sports.”

It does not seem like the UFC would be slapping a punishment on McGregor for his actions in Brooklyn two weeks ago, and for long-time analyst Joe Rogan, it can be a problem.

“Switch it around; imagine if Ray Borg threw that dolly and Conor were inside. He’d be gone, his career would be over,” Rogan told Alexander Gustafsson during the most recent episode of the JRE MMA Show podcast (transcript via MMA Mania). “That’s one of the more f—ked up things about this is that you know Conor is getting special treatment. He is, and that’s not good for anybody.”

Two fighters who greatly affected by the attack were Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg, who were both injured and forced out of their scheduled fights. Chiesa, at least, has taken action by filing a complaint.

If it does lead to bigger legal action, Rogan advises McGregor to settle them outside of the courtroom, rather than be possibly charged with a felony and face bigger problems.

“Michael Chiesa, I’m sad that he got cut but Chiesa is a tough bastard, he will be fine,” Rogan said. He is probably pissed off, will sue Conor and make a shit load of money suing him. But what if it hit Rose? The f—king world would hate him. What if Rose was blinded in one eye because of that?”

“If I was Conor, I would settle every f—king thing outside of a courtroom because if he loses and he gets a felony, he’s f—ked,” Rogan added. “He probably won’t even be able to come into the country.”

McGregor still has a court date set for June 14th to face his charges of three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief.