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MMA Squared Ep 10: Nick Diaz is Back

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An excerpt from the Diaz Bros biography Punches in Bunches

Nick Diaz is back!

The realest fighters alive

Sing out loud, sing out proud

What up bitch? 209!

Nick Diaz is back!

And not a moment too soon

Cuz Conor’s in jail

And the needle must move

The most overworked, overtrained

Underpaid homie

With all time great submission

Against Takanori Gomi

Drawing a gogoplata requires more preparation than I’d anticipated

I’d watch him fight anyone

Any fighter alive

Rematch Carlos Condit

Diaz 1, 2, 5!

A misunderstood man

Treat him kind, and not crass

Don’t shout at his Honda

“I hope Georges beats your ass!”

The Triathalon Man

Has fought the greatest around

Nick doesn’t lose fights

He just runs out of rounds

So Conor, and Dana, and Ari, and Shelby

The answer is clear

So won’t you please tell me

How does a fan get their message though?


A modern day Sacco & Vanzetti

So Nick Diaz is back

Well, at least if he wants it

Because fighting for money?

No thanks. If we’re being honest.

This episode of MMA Squared pays homage to Dr. Seuss and was brought to you by the numbers 2, 0, and 9.

This episode of MMA Squared was made with wide screen Post-It notes, and frankly I worked too hard and not hard enough on this shit. There are so many Nick Diaz jokes I didn’t even get to make. I coulda been pampering you motherfkers with jokes. I’d pamper this column with jokes left and right. If you’d like to buy a print of the Sacco & Vanzetti image, or any other artwork, visit or talk to me @RiniMMA