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Stipe Miocic: I would ‘never’ do what Conor McGregor did, ‘my wife would kill me’

Stipe Miocic says he could never do what Conor McGregor did at the UFC 223 media day fiasco.

You’ve probably heard by now that Conor McGregor was arrested, and later released, on charges of assault and criminal mischief for his wild frenzy at the UFC 223 media day in Brooklyn, New York.

McGregor, the former UFC lightweight champion, injured several people when he launched a dolly through the window of a fighter’s bus at the Barclays Center, and the Irishman could face prison time for his actions.

Several fighters have weighed in on the controversy, with the general consensus being that if it was any other fighter not named Conor McGregor, they would have immediately been cut from the UFC roster.

The latest fighter to give his two cents is none other than reigning UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic, and the 35-year-old says his wife and mom would ‘kill’ him if he ever behaved the way McGregor did at the media day fiasco.

“Yeah, I would never do that. Like, to that point. I understand that he was trying to back his boy up, but also I understand you can’t be doing that,” Miocic said in a recent interview with ESPN, per MMA Fighting Newswire. “People got hurt. I’m constant, I’m always doing the right thing, that’s the way I was raised.

“And if I did that, honestly, my mom would destroy me. My wife would kill me. Like, who do you think you are? I would never do anything like that, I would just be who I am. I would do it a different way.”

McGregor, 29, was released on $50,000 bail earlier this month but ‘The Notorious’ is due back in court on June 14.

Miocic, a former NCAA Division I wrestler, is gearing up to defend his heavyweight title against current light heavyweight kingpin Daniel Cormier, who is moving up in weight in hopes of becoming a two-division champ.

Miocic has immense respect for ‘DC’ but doesn’t believe the former Olympian knows what he’s letting himself in for at UFC 226.

“There’s a lot of concerns with Daniel,” he said. “He’s an amazing fighter, he’s fought heavyweight before. He’s undefeated actually at heavyweight, but he hasn’t fought heavyweight in a while and he hasn’t fought anyone like me yet.”

The highly anticipated UFC 226 pay-per-view takes place later this year, July 7 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.