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Poirier vs Gaethje & more lightweight lunacy (Heavy Hands #207)

Connor Ruebusch and Patrick Wyman break down Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje’s fight-of-the-year contender from last weekend, and preview another matchup of elite lightweights set for next week.

This week on Heavy Hands, we’re drowning in lightweights. Pat, at least, doesn’t seem to mind. Our topics include:

And, as always, more topics besides. More than necessary, really. The episodes are getting kinda long, aren’t they?

Anyhow, to download this episode directly, just right-click and save this link.

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And if you’re up for even more fight analysis, you ought to check out the Heavy Hands Patreon, where $3 a month gets you access to loads of bonus content. Check out episode #5 of The Underdogs, wherein Phil Mackenzie joins Connor to celebrate the career of Mike “Quicksand” Pyle, who debuted in 1999, and retired just last month. For a preview, you can also listen to episode one of The Underdogs in its entirety, for free, right here.