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Justin Gaethje says he only has five fights left in MMA career

Shortly after another insane FOTY candidate, Justin Gaethje says he probably has five fights left in his career, so fans should tune in while they can.

Regardless of how it all plays out, the big winners on every single fight involving Justin Gaethje always seem be the fans. If you ask the fighter aptly called “The Highlight,” that’s what really matters.

While Saturday night ended with a come from behind TKO from Dustin Poirier, Gaethje seems happy he was able to put on yet another fight of the year candidate.

“I didn’t come into this sport to win or lose. It is the entertainment factor for me,” he said. “I will be known and remembered as one of the most entertaining fighters that ever did it. I’m content with what just happened, as stupid and crazy as that sounds. I felt so comfortable in there, best I ever felt.

“I go in there to entertain people. This is the entertainment business,” he said. “I’ve never been worried about winning and losing. The only thing I’m scared of, is not performing, and not putting on an entertaining fight. That sounds stupid, but it’s what I signed up for. It’s my purpose.”

People have expressed concerns on the longevity of his career after constantly putting on all these wild slugfests. As for how long he plans to continue entertaining the masses, Gaethje himself says it won’t be very long.

“I got about five fights,” he said. “I want the biggest fights possible. Coming off two losses, that’s hard to say, but you want to see me fight. If you don’t see me fight live, you will regret it when I’m done. And it’s not going to be very long, I’ve got five left.

“I want to golf when I’m 60. I have a human services degree, I want to do social work. Hopefully I can buy a lot of houses and make money that way.”

Gaethje is still just 29-years-old. The #6 ranked lightweight is currently 1-2 in the UFC and 18-2 overall in his seven-year MMA career.

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