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UFC on FOX 29 results and highlights: Adesanya squeaks by Vettori, Waterson gets split nod vs. Casey

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On the UFC Glendale main card, Israel Adesanya earned a split decision over Marvin Vettori, and Michelle Waterson picked up a split decision over Courtney Casey.

MMA: UFC Fight Night Phoenix-Waterson vs Casey Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC on FOX main card witnessed Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori scrap it out for the full 15 minutes, with each man having their moments. The results were split amongst the judges, but it was Adesanya who received the nod, and on the mic, requested to fight again ASAP. The UFC Glendale main card opened up with the promotions #7 strawweight Michelle Waterson going the distance with #10 Cortney Casey in a highly competitive affair. When it was all said and done, it was Waterson who walked away with the split decision to move back into the win column.

Main Card:

Israel Adesanya def. Marvin Vettori by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Middleweight

Vettori came out aggressive, getting right in the face of Adesanya and pushing him up against the cage. Adesanya did a great job of staying vertical and keeping the fight in his wheelhouse. The smoothness of Adesanya was on display as his feints had Vettori overreacting by a lot. An accidental eye poke from Adesanya caused a brief pause in the action. Vettori landed a set of body kicks, but really didn’t look too comfortable while doing so.

Adesanya stuffed the initial takedown from Vettori to kick off the second frame, and continued to feint at his opponent. The precision of Adesanya started to pick up, as his laser like straights connected. A standing elbow to the face landed for Adesanya, and Vettori thought it was an eye poke. Vettori began getting picked apart, mostly because he was going technique for technique with Adesanya.

Vettori scored a takedown to open up the final round, and despite Adesanya being able to scramble back to his feet, Vettori stayed with the grappling and dragged the fight back to the mat. Again, Adesanya made his way back to the feet, and almost instantly the referee separated them. A few more shots were landed by Adesanya on the feet, but nonetheless, the bout went the distance.

So far, the main card has done the splits:

Adesanya really found his groove in the second stanza:

Michelle Waterson def. Cortney Casey by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29) : Strawweight

Casey pressed forward to open the match with Waterson utilizing her footwork to avoid the power. Casey got the attention of Waterson with a clean left hook, and then followed up with a big right hand that sent Waterson stumbling. Waterson successfully found a takedown, and was able to fend off the sub attempts from Casey.

Casey came out aggressive to kick off the second stanza, forcing Waterson up against the fence. Once back in open space, Waterson scored a takedown, but Casey threw up another Armbar attempt that prevented much offense for Waterson. A big body kick from Waterson sent Casey flying across the Octagon as the round expired.

Waterson let off a head kick that connected to start the final round, but Casey ate it and returned a heavy right hand. Casey appeared to be slowing down, but locked up yet another Armbar attempt, but Waterson again defended well. Waterson let Casey up, but greeted her with a crisp right hand that landed flush. Waterson attempted another takedown, but Casey sprawled well and took the back for a last second Armbar attempt, but Waterson held on to escape the round.

Tough bout to score:

Casey went for it at the end of the third round:

Waterson started the final round with some chin music:

The sub defense of Waterson is top notch:

Check out Casey landing a big shot: