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UFC champion Daniel Cormier wants third Jon Jones fight: ‘I still feel I can win’

Daniel Cormier feels he has some unfinished business with long-time rival Jon Jones.

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is currently chasing history by becoming the second fighter on the roster to hold titles in two weight classes simultaneously. He aims to do this by dethroning heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, whom he faces at UFC 226.

“DC” did previously announce that he does not plan on further extending his career past the age of 40, which happens on March 20th of the coming year. With that in mind, he plans to keep himself as active as possible, as he angles for a possible fight against Brock Lesnar.

“Brock would still have to go back into the testing pool, though,” Cormier said during a media scrum after the UFC on FOX 29 weigh-ins on Friday. “So while he’s going through that six-month testing, maybe I can squeeze in a light heavyweight fight. And then get back to him.”

“Hey, I could fight in March (2019). If there’s a fight on March 2nd, 2019, I can fight. As long as it ain’t past March 20th, 2019. I can fight.”

That light heavyweight fight that he plans to squeeze in is apparently the third one against Jon Jones. It is a fight that he feels would have a different outcome this time around.

“I want to fight Jon Jones. I do. I still feel I can win,” Cormier said. “I know that I’ve lost twice, and the last fight, I got kicked in the head. But I feel like we were having a good fight. And I feel like every fight’s been good. And I feel like if we fought a third time it would be even better.”

“I want to fight Jon Jones. That will never change.”

Cormier also mentioned in past interviews that he was no longer willing to go through all the drama that came along with facing Jones for the third time. But as a lifelong competitor, it is something that greatly piques his interest.

“I thought it was closed, but you asked me what I want. Is that a possibility? I’m not sure,” Cormier. “But as a competitor, it’s what I want. You don’t always get what you want, though. But I feel like if we did have an opportunity to fight again, it would be a good fight.”

UFC 226 will take place on July 7th in Las Vegas for International Fight Week.