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Video: UFC Fighters react to ‘MMA Football’ (Calcio Storico) feat. Elias Theodorou and Misha Cirkunov

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Elias and Misha are back and this time they’re watching their weirdest video yet.

In what is probably the last video in BE’s ‘UFC Fighters React’ series (for now), UFC middleweight Elias Theodorou and UFC light heavyweight Misha Cirkunov watched their weirdest clip yet.

In the video above, Theodorou and Cirkunov watch Calcio Storico (aka Calcio Fiorentino), which looks like a mix of team MMA and rugby football. The game dates back to 16th century Italy, but today’s version of the sport started in the 1930s. Nowadays only a couple of matches are played each year and it’s more a spectacle than it is a serious sporting event.

The footage in this videos comes from Italian videographer Pietro Pecco. Check out Pecco’s YouTube channel for shots across Italy, Europe, and beyond. Mostly recently he was in Turkey shooting foretesses, museum pieces, and ruins.

If you want to see more of Theodorou, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @EliasTheodorou. You can follow Cirkunov on Twitter and Instagram, as well @MishaC911.

Also, check out Theodorou’s new YouTube channel The Mane Event, which includes exclusive footage of his forays into stand-up comedy and being a ring boy.

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One last thing... If we do more of these videos with Theodorou and Cirkunov (or other UFC fighters), what kind of videos would you like to see them react to?