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Teacher arrested for allegedly organizing a ‘fight club’ in his classroom

A substitute math teacher has been charged with reckless endangerment in Connecticut over an alleged classroom ‘fight club’

CT State Police

A substitute math teacher has been arrested for allegedly running a “fight club” inside his classroom. According to WFSB Ryan Fish, 23, was charged with four counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of injury to a minor, and one count of second-degree breach of peace in relation to the incidents that occurred at Montville High School in Montville, CT.

WSFB reports that police had been investigating Fish since last December in response to the alleged classroom fights that happened in October, 2017. Four victims, between ages 14 and 16, have spoken to police about those incidents, some of which were recorded on mobile devices and shared on social media.

In an arrest warrant police state, after receiving information from a social worker, they discovered the occurrence of “several organized fighting incidents” at Montville HS and that video footage revealed Fish to be “actively encouraging the students to engage in the fighting behavior.”

According to police, Fish claimed that he did not set-up any of the fights that happened in his class. However, in an arrest warrant, Fish is documented saying that he, “did at one point egg them on.” One of the victims involved in this case corroborated this information.

Fish told investigators that he wanted to give his students ten minutes of social time at the end of every day in order to “express themselves” and “work through their issues.” “I would let them be teenagers and let them get their energy out,” added Fish.

In the warrant, Fish, who allegedly gave instructions to students while they fought and moved obstacles out of their way, is also documented saying, “The truth is I’m an idiot and wanted to befriend them” and “I’m immature.”

The warrant also reveals that, after talking with other teachers (who had spoken with students involved in the alleged fights) that at least one of the students was an unwilling participant.

Among the other allegations levied at Fish in the official arrest warrant is that he initiated one of the fights by saying “one, two, three” and then said, “round two” after one of the participants had to pause because they thought they were going to vomit.

Other allegations include that Fish asked students to add him on snapchat and that he allowed them to draw obscene images (some depicting he another teacher) on the white board.

Fish was fired by Montville HS in October. He is considered innocent until proven guilty.